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The rapid-rising Huayi

Huayui light-burned magnesium plant is located in the headquarters known as "China magnesium city" in Dashiqiao city of Yingkou, Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province Coastal Industrial Base Relying on the development of grand strategy, based on the domestic market and strive to become the new undertaking the transfer of foreign industries and a new engine of domestic industrial development.

The Company was founded in 1991. After eighteen eventful years, with all levels of support and kind attention of the government, close cooperation with all circles help, we regard "self-innovation" as the fighting spirit, uphold the "integrity first" enterprise view of life, adhere to the "pioneering spirit, never give up" enterprise value, guided by the spirit of "people-oriented" scientific concept of development, We have developed ourself Division by the end of the year a single small light-burned powder production workshops, development of the present area of more than 20,000 square meters, We have five main production lines, producting magnesite,light calcinesia magnesia ball, talc powder,calcium oxide,fused magnesia,medium grade magnesite,saint-gobain cloth,magnesium chloride,GaoMei low silicon powder,magnesium oxide and so on more than ten kinds of high-grade refractory materials based cross-species, cross-regional large-scale integrated Magnesium industrial production enterprises, and for the local magnesium industry leading companies.

Our products rely on the coastal industrial base of Liaoning Province circle,our best-selling have exported to overseas countries and regions, we assure you product quality and business credibility of a broad consensus and high praise.

Coastal industrial base of Liaoning Province is located in the Liaodong Peninsula coast, with highly-developed sea and air transport industry, clustering industry and improved public infrastructure. Its Yingkou city is one of the China's 15 major coastal ports, China's top ten ports with ten billion grade output .it has won the title of excellent investment environment City since 1993.

As the industrial base of the earliest private enterprises,our company engaged in industrial Magnesium with today's leading industrial companies. We have the magnesium oxide produced by the Secretary , one of today's high-quality products. The color is good, high purity magnesium up to 85% of the amount of processing mesh from 120 mesh to 325 mesh range. Magnesium oxide produced by the domestic industry far exceeds the standard, smooth, clean bright, beautiful and generous, based on its more pressure wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, corrosion-resistant, fire retardant advantages, focus on promotion of China's current building insulation updating the ideal raw material of green products.

For the better and faster development of the industry,we have established business relation with Material Research Institute and other scientific research institutes of Nanjing, Jiangsu, Jilin, , to conduct long-term technical cooperation, efforts to promote the "production, learning," and promotion of products The quality and effectiveness. We also provide advanced opportunities for magnesite production technology and project .

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